We are proud to sell Raynor Garage Doors. Raynor Garage Doors is an American owed company who manufactures their doors in the U.S.. Raynor has over 70 years of experience in designing and producing quality garage doors. Please take a look below at just some of what Raynor can offer you. There are many options to customizing these standard doors. Please check out the links to each model of garage door for different designs and colors available for that door. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or email.

What to Look for in a Garage Door

There are four basic types of doors for residential properties:
Pan Door: TradeMark™ and BuildMark®
Polystyrene Insulated Door: Masterpiece™ and ShowCase™
Polyurethane Insulated Door: Aspen138™, Aspen200™, and "RockCreeke™
Aluminum Rail and Stile Glass Doors: StyleView®

With the exception of the Aluminum/Glass door, they can look very similar from the outside. So what is the correct door for your application? Why the different types?

Lets start with Insulation:
Consider these two key elements:
 1. What type of climate do you live in?
 2. Is your garage attached? Detached? Underneath rooms (bi-level)?

Pan doors and aluminum rail and stile glass doors are not insulated. They offer virtually no R-value. Pan doors are a good choice for detached garages, or moderate climates with an attached garage. However, insulation can be added to pan doors for minimal R-value and noise suppression. Aluminum rail and stile glass doors are a great choice if aesthetics are the main concern.

Polystyrene insulated doors are a three layer door. Polystyrene insulation is bonded between two layers of steel providing a good R-value. These doors are a good choice for harsher climates (both cold and heat) as well as attached garages. Many aesthetic options and design elements are available to tailor these doors to your house for exceptional curb appeal. Polyurethane insulated doors are also a three layer door. However, these doors feature a “foam-in-place” insulation that entirely fills all voids between the two layers of steel. Polyurethane offers the highest R-value available. This is an excellent choice for attached garages, garages that are underneath rooms and harsh climates (both hot and cold). Our Innovations polyurethane doors also feature a family safe and patented finger protected joint. As with our polystyrene doors, many aesthetic options and design elements are available.

What about windows?
Windows can add a tremendous amount of curb appeal to your door and overall appearance of your home. There are many window options available, and consider the type of door you selected to choose the correct glass. For instance, with a pan door you can choose single pane glass, but if you need an insulated door, always select insulated glass to maintain as much R-value as possible.

Dress it up!
Raynor has many options that can be added to increase your curb appeal. You have a choice of panel designs, color options and decorative hardware in the form of straps and handles. Don’t forget about the inside of the garage. You can upgrade from conventional galvanized hardware to EnduraCote™ hardware - a clean white powder coat system for your track and hardware and black powder coated springs and torsion tube, and add to your warranty period at the same time.

Raynor has a wide variety of doors and options to customize your garage door to your house, giving a perfect fit to your needs.